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HARDWOOD lUMBER manufacturer
tROY, nc 27371  pHONE:  910-572-3731

     Uwharrie Lumber Company is located in central Montgomery County, in the town of Troy, NC.  Tram Lumber, LLC, which was acquired in 2007, is located in southern Randolph County, near the town of Seagrove, NC.  Working together, we have created a market to best utilize everything growing on your land.  The two mills have been producing hardwood lumber from standing timber for over 30 years.  

     We process high end grade logs, cross ties and low grade logs, as well as pallet logs, and pulpwood.  This allows us to buy logs and pay top dollar for your timber.

     We are members of the North Carolina Forestry Association (NCFA) and have two North Carolina registered foresters on staff.  We use Pro Logger certified loggers and follow North Carolina Best Management Practices (BMPs) to ensure your land is not negatively impacted for future tree crops.